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Episode 68 - Why We Need To Change The Way We Look At Nutritional Studies
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Highlights of the Episode 
0:00 - Housekeeping this week?

4:30 - What is The Game Changers?

5:38 - Does nutritional science generally join the truth?

5:59 - What does Chris feel is wrong with this movie?

7:00 - Why is nutrition so difficult to take a look at?

8:38 - Are vegans and vegetarian’s the most health conscious people on this planet?

9:20 - What’s the problem with using a standard American meat diet as a control group?

10:14 - Can meat really be the only problem?

11:09 - What is the story line behind The Game Changers?

12:53 - What does it really mean to change your diet?

14:35 - What types of lifestyles to people have that eat the standard American diet?

16:04 - What’s the limitation with observational studies?

16:52 - How would individuals on a vegan diet answer this survey?

18:35 - What is the Social Healthy User Effect?

19:43 - What type of diet do Seventh Day Adventists follow?

21:36 - What were the results from another study?

23:25 - What is an observational epidemiological study?

25:31 - What is Chris’s biggest problem with the film?

27:31 - What should you do when reading headlines, movies or documentaries?
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