Y.E.S. Fitness Podcast
Episode 63 - The Truth About Y.E.S. Fitness
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Highlights of the Episode 
2:03 - How long has Chris been in business?

2:57 - What did Chris do six years ago?

3:43 - What is Y.E.S. Fitness known for?

3:59 - What is Results Fitness University known for?

4:58 - What competition does Results Fitness University run every year?

5:07 - Who won the competition this year?

5:53 - What’s the number one thing we do at Y.E.S. Fitness?

6:43 - How does a facility like Y.E.S. Fitness stay in business?

7:48 - What are we doing right at Y.E.S. Fitness?

8:50 - How does Chris continue to educate himself?

9:22 - Does your exercise instructor really know what to do?

10:45 - Is it ok to work so hard you can barely move the next day?

12:11 - How should you feel after a workout?

13:02 - Did she come on board with us?

13:57 - Why do we have so many long term clients?

16:30 - What other positive things does Y.E.S. Fitness offer?

17:28 - What is the best way to get what you should out of your workout?

18:21 - Why does Y.E.S. Fitness do what we do?

19:26 - What specifically should you be doing to accomplish what you want?

21:39 - What’s Chris’s message to local residents?

22:37 - What is Chris’s challenge?
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