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Episode 61 - Proper Warm-up
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Highlights of the Episode 
0:11 - Housekeeping this week?

1:53 - What are we talking about today?

2:20 - Does Chris get cravings?

3:15 - What can we do to overcome cravings?

4:25 - Are there strategies to overcome cravings?

5:16 - What do we need to do before we come up with the strategies to overcome cravings?

6:00 - What is a craving cycle?

6:58 - What is causing the triggers to your cravings?

7:49 - What’s happening when you get your cravings?

8:35 - What are you doing when you get your cravings?

9:39 - How can we use the patterns to help beat our cravings?

10:29 - What is the first strategy to overcome cravings?

12:53 - Should you choose between cravings and depriving yourself?

13:06 - What is the second strategy to overcome cravings?

15:25 - What is the third strategy to overcome cravings?

17:07 - What is the fourth strategy to overcome cravings?

19:39 - What is the fifth strategy to overcome cravings?

21:49 - Is it ok to have only one strategy?
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