Y.E.S. Fitness Podcast
Episode 59 - What Does Coffee, Vegetarian, And Cookies All Have In Common?
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Highlights of the Episode 
0:14 - Housekeeping this week?

1:30 - What does coffee, vegetarian, and cookies all have in common?

2:05 - Does Chris like coffee?

3:04 - Is coffee good for you?

3:44 - Can coffee help you burn fat?

4:41 - Can coffee help your physical performance?

5:41 - Can coffee lower your risk for type 2 diabetes?

6:51 - Can coffee protect your liver?

8:12 - Can coffee lower your risk for certain cancers?

8:55 - Can coffee lower your risk of stroke?

9:37 - Can coffee help you live longer?

10:46 - Do vegetarians live longer?

12:32 - Does Chris like cookies?

13:31 - What flavors of healthier cookies did Chris make?

14:44 - Does Y.E.S. Fitness believe in having splurges in our meal plans?
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