Y.E.S. Fitness Podcast
Episode 58 - Kim B
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Highlights of the Episode 
0:06 - Housekeeping this week?

0:18 - Who is our special guest today?

0:57 - Did Kim join because of our New Year New You Contest?

2:04 - What motivates Kim?

2:12 - What did Kim like about our New Year New You Contest?

3:06 - How did our New Year New You Contest motivate Kim?

3:23 - How did Kim do so well while she was away at Camp this summer?

4:02 - How much did Kim lose in our New Year New You Contest?

4:13 - Where was Kim at in life, why did she give Y.E.S. Fitness a try?

6:21 - What has Kim gained since coming to Y.E.S. Fitness?

7:28 - What does Kim like about Y.E.S. Fitness?

8:25 - Does Kim get a good workout at Y.E.S. Fitness?

9:35 - What is Kim’s favorite exercise?

11:19 - Does Kim like this month’s metabolic workout?

12:35 - What exercise does Kim hate the most?

14:20 - Does Kim like to workout with her heart rate monitor?

15:18 - If someone was on the fence about come to Y.E.S. Fitness what would Kim tell them?
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