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Episode 57 - 10 Things To Prevent Low Back Pain
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Highlights of the Episode 
0:24 - Ever wake up in the morning with a sore and stiff back?

1:32 - What is the first thing you should NOT do with your back?

2:50 - What is the second thing you should NOT do with your back?

3:27 - What is the third thing you should NOT do with your back?

4:24 - Why should you NOT do these things with your back?

5:08 - What can you do to prevent low back pain?

5:28 - What is a double leg hip bridge?

7:51 - How do I do a pelvic tilt correctly?

8:43 - How do I do a side plank correctly?

11:17 - What is the bird dog?

12:28 - What is a table top leg press?

13:30 - What is the dead bug?

15:22 - What is a supine hamstring stretch?

17:38 - What is a figure 4 stretch?

19:56 - What is a half kneeling hip flexor stretch?

21:15 - What is a prone plank?
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