Y.E.S. Fitness Podcast
Episode 55 - Special Guest Dori P
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Highlights of the Episode 
0:19 - What’s our housekeeping items today?

1:31 - How long has Dori been with Y.E.S. Fitness?

2:07 - How many times a week does Dori workout at Y.E.S. Fitness?

2:21 - Which class does Dori like more?

3:41 - Why did Dori start making the drive to come to Y.E.S. Fitness?

4:52 - How does Dori feel working out at Y.E.S. Fitness?

5:19 - Where does Dori find the motivation to keep coming to Y.E.S. Fitness?

6:55 - Has Dori made some friends at Y.E.S. Fitness?

8:16 - What has Dori gained from coming to Y.E.S. Fitness?

11:36 - What is Dori’s favorite exercise?

12:30 - Has Dori had any injuries?

13:12 - If someone was on the fence about joining Y.E.S. Fitness, what would Dori tell them?

13:52 - Does Dori have a good time at Y.E.S. Fitness?
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